¬†Ice Cream Sodas​​
  1. Dr. B's Elixir
    Grape soda + vanilla ice cream
  2. Hop Juice
    Butter beer soda + salted caramel ice cream
  3. Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana
    Orange soda + vanilla ice cream
  4. Giddy Up
    Lemon soda + huckleberry ice cream
  5. Cowboy Rickey
    Limeade soda + cherry ice cream
  6. The Dirty Annie
    Chocolate soda + chocolate ice cream
  7. Straight Outta' the Mountain
    Pomegranate soda + huckleberry ice cream
  8. The Cassie
    Passion fruit soda + cherry ice cream
  9. The Holler Greaser
    Lemon soda + coconut pineapple ice cream
  10. Oakley's Pick-Me- Up
    Vanilla soda + salted caramel ice cream
  11. Raspberry Rattler
    Blue raspberry soda + coconut pineapple ice cream
  12. Grandma Annie's Apple Pie
    Apple Soda +Salted Caramel Ice Cream + Caramel Sauce
​Classic Old Fashioned Sodas
  1. Root Beer Float
  2. Chocolate Soda
  3. Egg Cream
  4. Sarsaparilla Float
  5. Strawberry Soda
  6. Lime Rickey
  7. Black Cow
  8. White Cow
  9. Black and White
  1. Triple Chocolate
  2. Sea Salt Caramel
  3. Red Velvet
  4. Huckleberry Chocolate
  5. Vanilla Bean
  6. Strawberry

  1. Original Banana Split
  2. All - American
    Vanilla ice cream + hot fudge + nuts
  3. Heart Mountain
    Vanilla ice cream + hot fudge + malted milk + oreo
  4. Huckleberry
    Huckleberry ice cream + fudge + peanuts
¬†Chilling Desserts​
  1. Shaved Ice
    Shaved ice + Flavor
  2. Ice Cream (Cone or Dish)
    Single or Double
  1. 12th Street Challenge
    Take a ride down this 12 scoop ice cream sundae! With two bananas, hot fudge, caramel, nuts, whipped cream and a cherry, finish this mountain mudslide in less than 12 minutes and it's on us. Free t- shirt and picture on the wall if completed successfully. (ask waiter for rules and regulations)